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Jackie Lighten PhD Student
Work Phone: 902-494-1398

I am interested in using molecular methods to tackle questions surrounding the ecology and evolution of species, with particular enthusiasm for phylogeographic studies. My thesis will use phylogeographic approaches, coupled with next-generation sequencing technologies to address diverse themes related to patterns of adaptation in marine and freshwater fishes. These include the following:

* Speciation in Western Atlantic skates (Leucoraja spp.)
* Arctic climate change induced speciation in Atlantic and Pacific sister taxa
* Trans-Arctic gene flow in marine fishes
* MHC diversity and evolution in the Trinidadian guppy (Poecilia reticulata)

I am also involved in a side project within the lab which will use Gyrodactylus parasites infecting three spine sticklebacks, on both sides of the Atlantic, to elucidate cryptic evolutionary processes within the host species.

I am currently funded by CHONe and DFO.

In my spare time I surf, eat, and travel.

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