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Kimberly Chambert Project Manager Broad Institute

My  master’s thesis in the Bentzen Lab consisted of a population genetic assessment of the endangered Atlantic Whitefish, Coregonus huntsmani, and the Lake Whitefish, C. Clupeaformis, in Atlantic Canada.  Specifically, I investigated the genetic substructure of these two species from 18 populations, and one population of cisco, C. artedi, by analysis of 15 microsatellite loci.  The Atlantic whitefish, an endangered and endemic species of Nova Scotia, was found to be highly genetically distinct from both Lake whitefish and cisco.

Current  position

I am currently a Project Manager at The Broad Institute within a neuropsychiatric genetics group that is actively searching for the genetic causes of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.  My primary responsibilities include managing high throughput genetic activities within the Broad, from sample collection to data delivery, to ensure that progress adheres to timelines, budgets and team goals.

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